Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Senior Show

This is just a view of the pieces I had up at 2424 for my final show at UArts.

To What End

The inner ring of this piece rotates, but it is really hard to see unless you get really close, due to the near perfect treatment of the surface.

The Narcissist Machine

The dowels on the platform at the bottom of the bowl spin, flicking a switch that controls a lift. The lift goes up and down as the dowels flick the switch, so that the upper tier of the platform covers the bottom of the bowl while its down, and the lower platform comes flush with the bottom of the bowl when it is raised. The idea of this piece is that its only function is to show how it functions.

Industrial Clock II

The thermometer in the box is connected to a heater, so the temperature raises to 140 and then drops back down to room temperature continuously. The full cycle take about an hour.