Friday, September 18, 2009

Fleisher Ollman Gallery Show



"Oppenheim's Hell Raiser"

This is a hand-cranked machine that, once turned, the cube at the other end of the sculpture bangs its front edge off the wall. The cube on the chair has a 100w lightbulb in, but no real openings except for flaws that let the light out.
"Surrogate Conversationalist"

This sculpture was the last piece I made for the Fleisher/Ollman show. There is a button on the steel cube, and when you pressed it, the cube would moan continuously until you pressed the button again.
"Reich's Orgastic Potency Display"

This was a switch activated kinetic sculpture. The dowel in the center spins and drags and bangs against the vertical walls. This is what started my fascination with machines that performed tasks that accomplished nothing.
This was just a 1'x1' piece of metal that i rusted, hammered and heated until it produced something I liked. It was more of an exercise than an attempt at anything specific.


This project was put on display on 320 S. Broad St. in Philadelphia for a month. It was a recontextualization of the everyday, in order to provide the viewer with a new experience and appreciation of their lawns. It came out of an idea that our lawns seem to be the very essence of the human chokehold on nature, but in reality by mowing our lawns (which seems cruel to the grass) we actually remove any competition the grass might have for sunlight. Maybe corn has actually plotted to take over the midwest (that was supposed to be a joke, even if you can't tell in type).
(i.e. a staircase)

I did this sculpture for an exhibition at the Schuylkill Center in Philadelphia. I wanted to take something viewed regularly and change its context so that it could be experienced more poetically.

8' x 8'x 2'

More of a formal sculpture, had a fleshy texture.